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Become a Host Home


Each season, the River Bandits must search for host families to house our players and coaches for a twelve-week period from late May until mid-August. It is a crucial element to the success of summer collegiate baseball and the Carolina – Virginia Collegiate League. The league features top college players from all over the nation, who must be freshmen, sophomores, or juniors playing on their respective college or university’s baseball team. The young men that play in Tarboro each summer provide fans with exciting, high-level competitive baseball, while gaining additional experience toward their aspirations to play professionally. The Carolina - Virginia Collegiate League is one of their best opportunities to showcase their talents for Major League scouts. In order to protect the players’ status as amateurs, those coming from programs and homes outside the immediate vicinity must be housed for the summer. Living expenses or a summer stipend are not permitted by the NCAA, who sanctions the Carolina - Virginia Collegiate League, creating the need for host families to act as the players’ support system away from the team.

Being a host family is typically very rewarding. In fact, it is not uncommon for a player to remain in touch with his summer collegiate baseball host family for years afterward, even when he has lost touch with the team itself. With so many alums currently in Minor League Baseball, and more on the way, how fun would it be to become close with one or more of these young men during their collegiate years? Additionally, your family is invited to several team functions throughout the season and gifted season tickets to each family member to River Bandits home games.

Of course, host families assume an important responsibility. It is important to remember that host families are being entrusted by both the organization, as well as the players’ parents, with the essential comfort of the player(s). In the very least, a clean, comfortable (linens, air conditioning, etc.), and private space (for example, bedroom with a door) for the player is required in order to be eligible as a River Bandits host family. It is expected that pleasant interaction will take place between the player and family members also. At the same time, these players are young adults and deserve a place in the house where they can go to rest, relax, be alone, or have a private phone conversation, etc. Beyond this rudimentary requirement, it is hoped that families would extend welcome courtesies to their player(s) much like a visiting guest, such as some meals (when not with the team), use of TV/internet, etc. Naturally, each player-family relationship will have its own dynamic, but the goal is for a mutually positive experience on both ends with the Tarboro River Bandits always available for support and/or guidance.

For more information on becoming a Tarboro River Bandits host family, fill out our downloadable Host Home Questionnaire and email it back to us at There are opportunities to house a player temporarily, as well as for the whole season. In addition, many Tarboro River Bandit players will seek to hold part-time jobs during their stay. Players are available to work mornings, some afternoons, and some weekends, depending on the game schedule. If you have a suitable job opening, please contact the River Bandits office at (252) 560-8625.

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