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2021 SEASON (Spring/Summer)  
Collegiate Summer Baseball at Tarboro Municipal Stadium



The Tarboro River Bandits are currently seeking enthusiastic internship candidates for the 2020 season. The River Bandits are a new team premiering in the 2020 season with the Carolina Virginia Collegiate League. 

The River Bandits are looking for current undergraduate and graduate students in sport management, media production, or related fields that are serious about a career in collegiate, professional or amateur team sports.  If you are a successful candidate, you will get the opportunity to gain practical experience in multiple areas of team operations including sales, marketing, promotions, stadium operations, ticketing, merchandizing, public relations and management.  You will be working directly with general manager and owner Wayne Turnage. You will be challenged with a variety of responsibilities designed not only to ensure the success of the River Bandits in 2020, but also to impress hiring officials with teams, leagues and organizations in the future.

This internship is not like most. Considering our small staff, you will be an integral part in the success of the team and organization. You will be relied upon heavily in decision making and will be a key asset in the operation of the team. You will work many hours during the summer. 

The skills you learn during the summer will be easily transferred to any area of sports or marketing you decide to pursue. When the summer ends, you will be exhausted, but excited and well versed in what it takes to make it in the sports field. You will be rewarded will real life experience and a staff of references to help you in your journey in the future. 

Job Duties

General Responsibilities

All Interns will assist in the following areas:

·     Promotional Nights.  You will assist with creation and implementation of promotional events at selected   

      home games. 

·     Game Day Operations.   You will assist in set up and operation for Tarboro Municipal Stadium for each             game night.

·     Community Marketing & Social Media Marketing.  You will assist in grassroots marketing of the Tarboro

      River Bandits throughout the community, including: delivering pocket schedules and ticket information to

      area businesses, assisting with displays and information distribution at area events, supporting speaking

      engagements, and interacting with game night sponsors. Additionally, you will utilize all forms of social        

      media to help promote the organization and encourage community involvement.

·     Other Operations. As stated before, we are a small staff who lean on each other to get the job done.

      Therefore, there will be duties asked of you that do not fall under any of the categories. 

Individual Areas of Responsibilities


The following are the specific job duties and positions that are available as internships for the 2020 season:

Operations Interns (2)

Stadium Operations intern will assist and control management of game day staff, set-up and breakdown of stadium daily, and set up for promotion events. Intern is also responsible for maintaining the ballpark, orders, deliveries, and assist in inventory management and control. You will learn the ins & outs of the operations business of sports and in this internship will require working outdoors. Interns will also gain experience in sales and will have a large role in all youth and promotional programs (ex: camps). This internship is a great opportunity to get a real understanding of how a sports facility operates.

Promotions & Marketing Intern (1)

Promotions & Marketing Intern will be focused on in-game promotions and on-field entertainment while assisting in projects that enhance the marketing of the River Bandits.  This intern will supervise all on-field contests and on-field entertainment, will assist with management of in-game atmosphere, including PA announcements, music, sound effects, etc., will oversee all player and mascot appearances, and will supervise any community relations projects.  Knowledge in all aspects and features of Microsoft Office products is required.  Graphic design experience is a plus.

Additionally, this intern should be motivated, detail-oriented individual to assist with pre-season marketing projects including, but not limited to: writing, editing and graphic design of organizational publications.  Also assist with other game day duties. They will also be responsible for handling employee hours, scheduling & staff management. 


Game Changer Stats Intern (1)

Ideal candidate needs to be knowledgeable of baseball stats and how the game of baseball works. We are responsible as a league to upload game statistics through the Game Changer outlet, so this intern would be responsible for keeping stats as well as uploading them. 

Other Information

Start Date:     May 11th 

End Date:      August 11th


How to Apply

If you are serious about a career in the sports industry and are willing to make the commitment it takes to be successful, then email a letter of interest, resume and three references to:

Tarboro River Bandits   

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